lunes, 8 de junio de 2020

Blue. Barbecue (BBQ). CARTOON

Simon going camping.

Bluey makes a camping friend. CARTOON

Bluey. The Beach. BOOK and CARTOON



Summer song for kids

Simon in the beach. CARTOON

Cleo and Cuquin. Song in the Beach. CARTOON

domingo, 31 de mayo de 2020

Bluey. The weekend. CARTOON

Bluey, Bingo, Dad and Mum enjoy the weekend playing lots of games.
It is a lovely Australian cartoon.

Wash your hands / Tie your shoes/ Let's exercise/ Brush your teeth/ Good food/ Tidy up / Night, night

00:00  Wash your hands (lávate las manos)
1 :30    Tie your shoes   (átate los zapatos)
3:00      Let's exercise (vamos a hacer ejercicio)
4:30  Brush your teeth (lávate los dientes)
6:00  Good food /health food (comida saludable)
7: 30  Tidy up, clean        (recoge y limpia)
9:00  Night, night           (buenas noches)

Book. The cat sat on a mat.

Zac and Cat. Book